Matlab Instructions

The University of Iceland has bought licenses for all students and staff in University to use MATLAB. If you are using Linux 32bit can use release 2011a or 2012b and if you are using an old macOS you can use 2010a.

1. Go to the MathWorks site and create an account (create account). You need to use your email from the university to activate the product.

Register matlab


2. Click on your initials in the right corner and choose Link License.

Get matlab, link license

3. Type in the license key and click Link License.

License number, link account


4. Click on Get MATLAB in the top right corner and click the download button.

Get MatlabDownload


5. Choose your operating system, save the file and execute it.

Operating system, download


6. Now comes a series of steps where you are asked where you want to install it, what Toolboxes you want to install. Recommend reading it thoroughly.
Toolbox: The more toolboxes you choose to install the slower the program will be. So only install what you need.

Login with a mathworks Account


7. When the installation has finished and the license been activated you can start working in MATLAB.