Data transfer from Shared drives to Teams

In the near future, many users will be transferring data from Shared drives to Teams or SharePoint. Below is how shown how you move all your files from a Shared drive to Teams shared folders. Make sure your computer is constantly connected to the Internet during transit.

If you need help with the transfer please contact or go to the service portal on We recommend people with large personal drives with many subfolders and macOS user seek help.


1) Open File Explorer, find it on the taskbar or search for it.

Search for Explorer

2) Find the Shared drive with the files you want to move. If it is not mapped on the machine (You can't find it) you need to map the shared drive first: Map Shared Drive
Open the Shared drive

3) Open Teams and find the Team you want to transfer the data to. Open the file tab by clicking on "Files" on the appropriate channel. The most common choice is the "General" channel:
Click on Teams, General, Files

4) It is good to have these two windows side by side. Mark all the files and folders in the Shared drive you want to transfer and then drag them from there to Teams:
Choose files and folders and move over to Teams

5) PLEASE NOTE that if you have many files and folders, this may take some time. Allow Teams to stay open while the transfer is in progress. You can click "Uploading" to see the status of the upload:
Click on Uploading to see status for the upload

6) When "Uploading" disappears, the upload should be completed and data from the Shared drive can be deleted.