Access forbidden

If a message appears on a users website saying  “Access forbidden” after moving files, it has to do with permission. There are a few ways to fix this problem.

1. Map the website drive

Map the website drive on your computer and drag the files directly to the drive. This way users shouldn’t experience any trouble with the permission. The website drive is mapped with the path \\\www . It is not enough to map \\\username and go to the folder .public_html and drag the files into that, then you will have problems with the permission. Instructions for mapping the website drive.

2. Give permission to folders

If you have the website drive mapped you can right-click a folder or a file and give permission. Right-click the folder/file you would like to change and choose properties and change the access.

3. Give permission to the whole website drive

In order to give a general reading permission to your website you need to log on to katla and give the command "rettindi". You need to download a software which makes this possible for you e.g. Putty: Open Source and free software on the Internet

After downloading the software and installing it you can connect to katla by typing for host name and then your username and password.

You type the command "rettindi" directly in to the command line and click "Enter". This changes the permission to the public storage and the lines below should also appear:

Set aðgang drwx--x--x á /vd/hjh
Set aðgang drwx------ á ~/Mail
Set aðgang drwx------ á ~eudora
Set aðgang drwxr-xr-x á ~/.public_html og öll skráasvæði þar undir
Set almennan lesaðgang á allar skrár undir ~/.public_html