VPN connection

VPN for Windows 10
VPN for Windows 8 and 8.1
VPN for Windows 7
VPN for MacOs
VPN for iPad and iPhone
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VPN for Linux

A VPN connection makes it possible to get direct access to the University's computer system. By connecting through VPN you can map your network drive/storage as well as get access to various foreign electronic databases. Further instructions for different operating systems are here above and to the left.

Problems with VPN

If you have arranged a VPN connection by following the instructions but are unable to connect please check the possible causes below:

  • The computer is not connected to the Internet. An Internet connection is a prerequisite for VPN.
  • A lot of virus protections have powerful firewalls which can block the VPN connection. Try turning it off in the virus software, not the Windows firewall. TrendMicro and ZoneAlarm are examples of virus protections which blocks VPN. We don’t recommend you to turn all the firewalls off. If you turn the virus protections firewall off make sure the Windows firewall is turned on. 
  • Remember to put @nemendur.hi.is or @starfsm.hi.is behind the username. Exapmle: user@starfsm.hi.is.